A bracelet is a piece of jewellery worn around the wrist, as an ornament with supportive function to hold other items of decoration, such as charms. 

Bracelets can be manufactured from metal, leather, cloth, plastic, bead or other materials, and jewelry bracelets sometimes contain jewels, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, metal, or plastic hoops, pearls and many more materials.

A wrist of reminders – Bracelets symbolize friendship, an element of style, they carry a symbolic meaning of connectedness.

Warriors & kings from various cultures wore armbands on their wrists for centuries.  Prehistoric man adorned their wrists to ward off evil spirits, wealthy men wore bracelets to display wealth, power and status.

Why wear a Bracelet:

(1)                Conversation Starter

(2)                Sets you apart and makes you appear more appealing  and interesting

(3)                Instant association

(4)                A reminder, special meanings

You enjoy wearing a bracelet

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