Kids Shoes & Footwear


When walking, a young child receives important sensory information from the soles of his or her feet touching the ground. The process of walking develops muscle strength.  Footwear helps to protect children’s feet from injury, from the heat and the cold.  Children’s feet grow very quickly, shoe sizes may need updating every few months. Tight shoes can hamper a child’s walking and cause problems e.g. ingrown toenails.


Buy shoes and footwear from eco-friendly, lightweight, washable, breathable materials, soft soled and with removable insoles, high quality range and fashionable canvas or leather. Well design shoes uplift all outfits. Types of footwear include boots, sneakers, sandals, casual, school, sport & fashion/dress shoes, styles such as girls’ shoes, boys’ shoes and baby shoes. Ages 0 – 12, affordable prices and podiatrist approved.

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