7.5 Carat Onyx Ring with Peridots Ring

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7.5 Onyx Ring with Periods Ring

Treat yourself with these exquisite, regal & distinctive designs created especially for you. 

Welcome to Gems Exquisite .... an international jewellery collection infused with life, exuberance, and hottest trendsetting fashions of the world.  Gems Exquisite believes that all men and women are beautiful, intelligent, knowledgeable and seek an unique expression of their styles. Embracing this philosophy, Gems Exquisite sources regal, magnificent and unique statement gemstone designs reflecting that vitality, vibrancy and bold passion.

Vibrant, lustrous and translucent green onyx (layers of moganite) are in demand with close resemblance to emeralds. The colour of Green Onyx is rich and soothing. Green Onyx is found in countries like Brazil, India, Madagascar Mexico, Peru, and the USA.

This ring features:

* 1 x oval briolette green onxy measuring 16x 14mm, approximately 7.5 ctw.

* 2 x oval shaped peridots measuring 6mm x 8mm. 

* Crafted in sterling silver of 5.8grams.

* The ring size is 18 mm internal circumference, Size “P”
* The ring sits approx 11.5mm above the finger and measures approx 16mm down the finger. 

* The band measures approx 10mm at the shoulder and tapers to approx 2.5mm at the base.

Country of Origin: THAILAND

Technical Specifications: 

* Total weight of the piece is approx. 6.0 grams.