Exquisites AAA 26 - 30 mm Giant White Baroque Pearls 60 cm Necklace

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Exquisites AAA 26 - 30 mm Giant White Baroque Pearls 60 cm Necklace

Exquisites Singapore has created a distinguished pearl range that evokes joy, charm and fascination for these mysterious, organic and natural gems. High luster pearls with thick nacre quality, surface brilliance with a deep glow, reflecting light back to the eye, unique designs and elegance, makes each piece a statement piece, timeless and unique.

The pearl symbolizes the purity, generosity, integrity, love and loyalty of its wearer.


This Baroque Pearls Necklace features:

•  1 x 21 white natural baroque freshwater pearls

•  Baroque pearls range from 26 mm to 30 mm.

•  Pearl Quality: AAA

• Pearls natural body colour of white, exhibit pink, silver and green overtones, with rainbow iridescence appearing over the pearls surfaces.

•  Expertly crafted with 925 Sterling Silver with 2 zirconia flowers clasp (4mm x 1.5mm).

•  The necklace measures approximately 60cm in length, including the clasp. 


• Country of Origin: CHINA

Technical Specifications: 

•  Total weight of necklace is approximately 170 grams


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